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The true God

Another post of #Thirty-three (original at 10/2011)
“Now for a long season Israel {hath been} without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without law. But when they in their trouble did turn unto the LORD God of Israel, and sought him, he was found of them.” – 2 Chronicles 15:3,4
In the context of this verse, the Israelit nation had been divided into two kingdoms – that of Israel (or the then northen tribes) to the north, and Judah, to the south. The kingdom of Israel chose to abandon God and follow his own way, worshiping other gods.
Then these arose a generation who did not know God, because there was who taught them about Him. But somehow, they rescued what their grandparents had done, and sought God – and found.
Today our occidental society is living a paradox. In a secular country, so free, Christians can freely exercise their faith. But it also gives freedom to others, and with that comes a generation that maybe will not hear about the true God.
Two things scare me: the growing number of atheists and agnostics, and perversion of the faith that has happened in the Christian/Gospel.
What kind of God the generation born today will know it? His absence, according to atheists? The possible existence of it, but the total neglect of Him to humans, according to some of the agnostics? The Santa Claus who brings presents to good boys and punishes the bad guys, according to some of the evangelical churches today? Neither option pleases me.
As Christians, we must fight all these false gods – the dead, the relapse, the Santa Claus – and present the true God, the merciful and just God.

And if somehow this generation appear (if it does not already exist), let us pray that, like the nation of Israel, it knows something we do not rescue and seek God. Because He will never fade of fold of humanity, just to look for it, and he will be found.

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