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Easy like that

Another post of #Thirty-three (original at 04/2007)

We have a habit of complicating our lives, especially when we begin to grow. The studies take account of our beings so incredible that no more recourse to the simple and obvious.  For many things in life that is sorely needed, but it comes to spiritual life should be like my young brother, in a scene that I witnessed for a while.
I will summarize the story. Once upon a time, the dog of my aunt’s house fled without anyone knowing. Everyone was sad, about 10 years he lived with us (I live in a two-story house, the bottom one is my aunt), but no one was so low as my brother. In that day I was not feeling well, so I asked him to read me the Bible aloud, and before did a prayer. Here it is:
“My God, my Father, Bless me to understand your word, letter by letter, comma by comma, bless my father, my mother, Dani and me. And Tobi brings back. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
I was thinking about that prayer for a long time, when I hear my cousin down there celebrating the return of Tobi. My cousin found him, and look his account:
“I was playing video games, when something told me to go outside. As it was in the middle of the match, finished, and when I went out there, Tobi was there. I then opened the grate and put it inside.”
We should not be afraid to of talking to God, to be honest with Him. Many prayer times transformed into a moment of pure traditionalism and religiosity, and in fact not talk to God right now, just fill our egos, the pride of our culture and erupt. And when Daddy did not respond to us we are outraged, saying that He has forgotten us, abandoned us, we often get to the point questioning our faith.
The problem is with us, we lose ourselves in religion and put the blame on God. He wants to hear us crying asking our puppy back, and we are afraid to expose our emotions to Him, put a mask a beautiful speech, but lack of emotion in it. That’s when the affairs of life does not leave us still, spiritually dead, and not strive to pray.
God does not thing any sincere request too stupid. People may feel silly “bother” God with our little problems, but He loves to hear us. He is Father, and is happy to answer our prayers. He delights in looking at our faces shinning when a dream is realized. His greatest pleasure is to see us happy. And with this I do not support that we always will be happy, because Christians are not without problems, but in all this, “we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

In short, the scholarship does not make one wiser, if not accompanied by humility, faith in God and love for the world. 

In closing, here are the music of David Quinlan, Irish singer naturalized Brazilian, who translates all that tried to explain here: 

"I want to be like a child 
Love you for what you are
Return to innocence
And believe in you
But sometimes I'm taken 
For the will to grou
I become independent
And I leave simply believing 
I cannot live away from your love, Lord
I cannot live away from your hugs, Lord
I cannot live away from your embrace, Lord
Hold me
With your arms of love”

From someone who promised God to always be His little girl

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