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Miracles x Nature

Another post of #Thirty-three (original at 11/2011)
“And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna anymore; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.” joshua 5:12

This verse tells of a time that people from Israel was crossing the desert. God did not abandon them, He sent manna for the people be supported in the arid and infertile desert land.As people had access to natural resources, the manna ceased – the miracle is over.
God created the world in a complet, and the guide by the laws of physics. He did not create this function in order to transgress it all the time, so the miracles are so rare
If you create something amazing, would certainly only another instrument with the same purpose if it were necessary. So it is with God, He likes to work through the laws that he himself created.
This is for human beings is something very positive for more than common sense evangelical cry for miracles all the time.
The manna sustained the Jewish people in the desert, but there were many times that the people murmured, looking back to the land of their slave masters, the Egyptians.
Scholars speculate that the manna tasted like honey mixed with olive oil, which may have been one reason why people complained so much. The people wanted the miracle to behave like the natural.
We are all like that. If we ask for healing for a patient, it is because we want to free of that disease, even though nature does not cooperate. If we want a financial miracle, we want to live well, we do not want to have money only for the basic needs. Deeply down when we asked for a miracle, we want everything to return to its natural state.

The brilliant writer CS Lewis said: "God can change and, in fact, sometimes modify the behavior of matter and do what we call a miracle is part of the Christian faith, but the conception of a common world and thus stable requires that these occasions are extremely rare. "
So I think we should want that natural are enforced, even if it means something contrary to what we want to happen often, as is the case of progression of a terminal illness to death.

Lewis also said: "Try to exclude the possibility of suffering implied by the order of nature and the existence of free will, and you find that ruled his life." This phrase could not be more true. We can not live only by miracles, because otherwise we will not live in fact, dont' will be free.
I’d rather live in the natural laws of Canaan flowing with milk and honey, than the base in the desert with manna. Even giants in Canaan will disturb me, I know God is with me, and that is enough.

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