quinta-feira, dezembro 08, 2011

More than anything

The world “everything” means the following, according to dictionary Oxford:
·                     1 all things ; all the things of a group or class:he taught me everything I knowherbal cures for everything from leprosy to rheumatism
·                     all things of importance; a great deal: I lost everything in the crashhe owed everything to his years in Munich
·                     the most important thing or aspect:money isn’t everything
·                     2 the current situation; life in general:how’s everything?everything is going okay

It can be synonymous of “total”, that according to dictionary Oxford is:
the whole number or amount of something: he scored a total of thirty-three points in total, 200 people were interviewed
Well, all this hassle (not only went because I got tired of looking for the definitions correlated) is just to say that it is plausible to attribute everything to God or completeness.” God is everything”, I hear say. Whereas it is the total and the total is all, everything is great. But then I find myself thinking about God and everything. I  come to the conclusion that everything is very little to define God. So for me, God is more than anything.

Stay with Jesus =)

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