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The story of a Christmas without gifts

Another post of #Thirty-three (original at 12/2006)
A man questioned the revolution that caused Jesus to his coming into the world and also discussed the reason for Christmas with a little girl…
-       What revolution? The world just god worse. Humans are increasingly cruel!
Then the sweet little girl begins to tell the story of Christmas without presents:
“Once upon a time, a place far away of Brazil, a bride about to marry. There is also a very dreamer creator who decides to change the history of mankind and make himself a masterpiece for the revolution. But he needs someone to implement the invention. Somebody with a lot of value, but that was not a very famous person.
The creator find in the bride of the beginning of the history the perfect person to carry out his plan. She is engaged and this can cause it to lose hope of getting married, so she does not accept the challenge.
Humanity does not develop. People die from diseases horrific and wars worse.
Women have no rights and slaves, in addition to never stop being slaves, are treated more like animals.
Children are sacrificed at alarming levels in macabre rituals.
There is no Christmas, there is nothing to celebrate, in this world of chaos.
Nobody lives happily ever after.”
-       Do not understand your horror story – says the lord.
-       Sir, imagine that this story is the creator God, the bride Mary, and Jesus is a revolutionary invention. If Mary had not accepted the challenge, or simply the Father did not want to turn the situation around the world societ would be chaos…
-       - Young girl, but what about the problems this world faces, is already chaos, how you explain that??
-       Not all people accept the saving grace that Jesus offers. Many question his authority as God or are simply indifferent to the fact…
-       You mean that if everyone accepted Jesus as you say, the world would be better? But God is not one to be so irresponsible as to let the world’s fate in the hands of ignorant creatures like man!
-       He did not, He sent Jesus to do just that, Jesus searching people, it’s up to them to accept. You have to consider that we are beings with free will, and it was God who gave us. And each act has its consequence…sin only produces misery even…but I think that some suffering things we just know why they happen when we are in heaven.
-       And the lot of Christians who commit atrocities?
-       They actually have not known the grace that Jesus offers, so do not try to live the life that Jesus lived. Err by being human, but Jesus he can be forgiven…
-       Without doing anything?
-       That’s the grace. We all received, even though none of us deserves. We are all miserable sinners.

Jesus has born! The Savior  hasborn! Accept His grace invite ! Merry Christmas!

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