quinta-feira, setembro 08, 2011

Me and my broken computer

Another post for #Thirty-three (original at 08/2011) 

Earlier last month I discovered that my laptop screen was broken. At first, I   I could fit back what was broken, but over time it was impossible. With that, the screen would not get up, and I had to hold, or put something to support.I don't know who did it, but after getting used to just do it. I asked my fiancé to fix it to me, and he came here a few days and did it.Once he fixed and I was using the first time I forgot it was arranged, and did it with great care, until I remembered that he was "good."However,eventually, my instinct to hold the screen still remains.

This episode reminded me of how we are in relation to sin. It may seem a silly analogy, but I believe God speaks to us through the simple things of everyday life.We have sinned, and initially, this "defect" is uncomfortable, but after just getting used to it. We live as if this was normal, the standard for our lives. Often do not remember how it happened, but we settle for this. Then we ask God to forgive us. We trust that He is the expert on the subject, and He forgives us. We are "fixed". But we do not remember it, and live in fear of falling into the same error.

I think we can, be cautious,yes,  as I have to be with my laptop, which could not be fully repaired, because a part is defective. But that does not mean we have to live with fear, as if we were still slaves to sin. When God forgives He forgives us forever, and has already forgotten what we did.

And if the computer crashes again, my boyfriend was willing to come here to get back and taught my brother to do it too. We can trust that grace is available to us. We trust that God will use people to help us on our journey. That does not mean we abuse grace.One who truly has been achieved by grace can never live the same way as it will live its life in eternal gratitude to those who gave it.

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