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Another post for #Thirty-three (original at 08/2006)

I decided to talk about who, wanting us or not, is the reason we are here, more specifically about the joy of walking beside him.
Jesus is much more than the son of Mary, is much more than an image somewhere, far more than a great teacher, much more than a great psychologist, much more than a leader. 

Jesus is my best friend, first of all. People easily fail us. He did not. We can tell him everything because he always have something to tell us or his own silence in the console.He died for his friends, and more. He died also for those who hated him (and still hate).He died for people who do not believe He is God. He died for those who are indifferent to Him for whom He died never heard of him and who is already tired of hearing it. Only a good friend would sacrifice himself like that (maybe not a great friend, but He is the friend, so he did it). He was raised and now lives and waits until the day we live with Him forever. 

Jesus is my boyfriend. He is faithful companion, dedicated counselor, good listener, and also owns all the treasure of the world (lol). He is the perfect boyfriend. One day He will seek his bride, the Church, to realize the dream wedding. 

Jesus, well ... no words to describe Him ... is very little to say that He is everything to me.Because everything is very little to represent Him. He is much more than anything. He is the God who loves more than anything human beings who are less than nothing. He is love itself. He is the son of God Almighty. He is the word, he is the way, truth and life. He is God Himself. 

I love you, Jesus

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