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Video games

Another post for #Thirty-three (original at 05/2006).

I really like playing video games and was thinking the other day, video games are very similar to the christian's life.

Follow the reasoning: a traditional video game, your character as you become stronger, then has to face things more difficult, more hurdles, more monsters, more villains, etc. They also gains new capabilities to face the most difficult things. Finally, he has to face the boss and then ends the game. In some cases other bosses can come and then you move to a more difficult level, but for our comparation, consider that it is only one boss.

Like in the game, when someone accepts Christ, they begin to face problems that did not exist when he was not converted. Jesus help people to deal with them. As this person "passing phase" spiritually, more problems are highlighted, and she is gaining more reinforcement and then when Jesus returns - and that's the difference between the Christian life and the game, he will face the "boss", wich actually it is nothing hard to beat for Him, because He won before, now will only put the devil, who has nothing "boss", so the quotes in place.

The difference between a non-Christian and a Christian in the "life-game" is that: the first fight alone, the second is always super building, the Holy Spirit and an overprotective - Jesus.

It pays to knowing Jesus, and is worth being his friend too (after all, who inspire me in travel like these? hehe)

Even more people, be with God and pleas comment on the topics. If you do not agree also comment, in fact, especially if you don't agree make your comments.

I wrote this post when I was 18, and I still agree with some points. I'm happy because my "way to write", bring me to new things, and I believe that I'm more mature now (and that's good, right? If five years later I still write the same way I believe I have something wrong with me, hehe). 

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