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#Thirty-three - My notes in English - Awarded the unemployed

First of all, I have to say. I'm not fluent in English. I'm doing that because I believe that God call me to tell his word with letters on my computer, and that can't be only for brazilian people. I see how is United States, the violence on England, and I have to write. But I did it already - in portuguese. So I decided to translate my posts.

Deciding do that, I went through my old texts. And I realized that my writting was better with the passage of the time - because of the grace of God, not because my own merit. (in Portuguese, obviously, I know that my English is poor). So, that's how I do: I'll translate new text on a week, and a old text on next one.

Everything clear, the first text from #Thirty-three (how I named this new column on my blog):

Awarded the unemployed

"And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" - Luke 6:46

There was a unemployed man that never liked to study very much. He didn't completed the primary school and his reading was poor - he was a semi-literate.

The owner of a big company (maybe the bigger of the country)  went through it anddecided to give you the most important job of the company under himdespite hisqualifications.

The unemployed hesitated a little, but for be that proposal one irresistible proposal (and actually the one possible for him) he accepted.

The owner defrayed studies for the former unemployed, and trained him to their qualifications. Changed even his wardrobe.

The now employed knew it that probably will be impossible to do something that could pay for the grace that his new boss gave to him.

One day, however, used to this grace, the employee decided to do what he thought most convenient. The boss, when he called for employee's atention, was interrupted. "But sir..." To wich the chief replied, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" 

The employee, that at that time could have become a unemployed again (wich did not happen due to the kindness of the boss) knew it was considered practically impossible to be the son of the owner, if there was no change of attitude on his part.

The grace that he received, without  any merit, required an attitude of obedience and gratitude to his boss.
Dedicated to my mentor - Philip Yancey

Bom pessoal, por acreditar que o dom que acredito que Deus me deu (o da escrita), não pode ficar limitado a territórios brasileiros, resolvi traduzir meus textos para o inglês. Não sou fluente, então com certeza terão erros na gramática inglesa.

E ao decidir fazer isso, fui em busca de meus textos. Descobri que, felizmente, amadureci muito na escrita - pela graça de Deus, e não por mérito próprio. Por isso, vou traduzir um texto novo em uma semana, um texto antigo na semana seguinte, e assim por diante.

Que Deus nos abençoe!

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