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The most beautiful thing about Christianity

Another post of #Thirty-three (orginal at 06/2007)
“We often think that when we finish a study, we already know all about the two, because ‘one plus one is two’. We forget that we still have to study the ‘more’” – Sir Arthur Eddington
This beautiful phrase reflects, unfortunately, the situation of the Church in the world. We have forgotten to unite us, and we also have neglected to see that diversity is something that the body of Christ is something magnificent. Imagine how the Church would be boring and monotonous if there were only a theology and only one way of believing.
I was thinking one day about “my theology” (I have done this a lot lately) and saw that every friend, every theologian, every religion believes in different things about small doctrines. I have my angry friends (I’m believing and thinking very similarly to them) with the church situation. There are also enthusiasts who want to gain the whole world to Jesus. There are evangelicals who believe that all Catholics go to hell. There are also Catholics who think evangelicals are going to hell. There are several doctrines with which I disagree, and exist doctrines that I believe many others feel that is pure lies.
But the most beautiful of all is that all those who are true Christians – regardless of creed, denomination or religion – ALL, without exception – believe the story of an almighty God who became a simples carpenter, someone who was and is still rejected by many, a man who knew that men do not remain faithful in what He taught, knew that the men were divided into doctrines and religions, was fully aware that drove the merchants from the temple, but after a while they return, knew that greed would take care of many hearts, many try to buy their own salvation, that grace would be ignored by many others, that men will continue to judge each other and that what he taught in the Sermon on the Mount would be so disrespected times, finally, who knew that even saved, sinners would sin, yet not give up sacrificing the worst of deaths, did not give up to feel the full weight of the sins of humanity on his shoulders and with that being abandoned by the Father since his holiness would not allow contact with sin, even if it was to save his son, his only son.
What excites me is that even though I am who I am – and God knows me even better than myself – Jesus lived, died and rose for me and even though I was the only person living on this earth, He would not hesitate to do everything the same way.
The Church has many errors to be corrected. Every true Christian must take their own fault in this process and fight to get back to what Jesus believed (and still believe) can be created when each of us as member of one body: a holy Church, which reveals his love to those who need it (and everyone needs).

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