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Modern Heroes

(original at 06/2007)

In our current society, the assaults have unfortunately become common in everyday scenes. Despite already having two stolen cell phones, have not got used to living with these crimes. About three years ago, I witnessed one of these absurdities.

It was another ordinary day, when I pick up a bus full of people - those we can hardly go - to go to college. Unable to move my feet and even climb the stairs, I was watching the landscape of my cityIn fact, in my path tend to talk with God or trying to remember lyrics the night before I had heard, sometimes I wonder what I will do in days, but exceptionally that day, I could not do any of that, I was just looking the door of the bus, hoping the driver did not stop anyone else entering.

It was a point when it all happened Antonio Carlos (avenue in BH, my city). Initially thought to be a double row, until the young man, very well dressed by the way, almost knocked the girl down and ran off with her purse. As usual in these situations, a couple of other boys ran off to chase the thief.One of these was the conductor of the bus that was ahead of me. Already somewhat agitated for taking too much coffee the night before to study for a test (even I don't like coffee), I was in an uproar, feeling that was present in all people of the bus where I was. As the boy ran very fast, others just gave up trying to reach it.

Meanwhile, at the point, people gathered a few leaves of the girl, who was in complete shock for what happened. On the bus I was all followed the path of the thief as far as our views to achieve. A woman yelled, "took, took !!!". When the driver said, "did they?". She added: "caught!". Remember the heat exchanger on the other bus? He followed the bus to Canns the boy to run and then got off the bus and knocked. Some guys helped immobilize the thief on the ground exchanger and took the bag and ran away, very happy to return the belongings to the girl. The driver of that bus was waiting his turn.

For some moments all commented on the courage and bravery of the exchanger, but soon ended and the subject turned to what they did before the incident. At this point the bus had emptied enough, I went in and sat down ratchet. Influenced by caffeine, but also ecstatic with something never seen before in my life, I think that the unsung hero ever known. Very little when compared to assailant, the collector has raised a force of itself, that he might not know existed. Because it all happened so fast, I did not notice covenant was used or not, but I was thinking how he risked his life to retrieve the bag of someone he did not even know. And if he had a wife, children? And if the assailant who he scored well, threatening to him after? My mind was seething, and I think everyone around me noticed this, as I looked somewhat frightened. But I did not care, I had just met a modern hero, someone who was not satisfied with impunity, and since, most likely, nothing would happen to the bad guy, only he had done his part. Do not really know what happened in the mind of the exchanger, or what led him to do what he did, but his actions showed me much of his person.

By being willing to confront the villain, exposing themselves to danger even death perhaps by someone he did not know, man has shown that it is worth continuing to believe in heroes. But he had, of course, his faults, which I obviously did not know. There are, however, someone who did not hesitate to suffer, be persecuted, charged and killed in the worst of deaths, even though absolutely innocent, for me. Someone he knew would disappoint him so much that it often mediocre, do not always honor the (etc etc etc) like me! He did it just for me, made for every human being on earth, the heroes of outlaws. If we have enough humility to recognize our mistakes and come unto him, recognizing that he alone has the power to save us (the destruction of ourselves ...), Jesus will be with open arms to receive us and change our lives forever.

As I remember it, nor need the caffeine to be more ecstatic than I was three years ago ...

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