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That impossible dream - the Yanceys

Those days' report is the most accurate that my memory let me do it. Also, I would let you know that for the first time I'm doing something that I don't do not even when I am writting - I am exposing my thoughts during a conversation (not that this is somet thing absolutely fantastic and could change the human race destiny, but I would like to let you know anyway).

December 12th, about 00h, local time.

I got off the plane and went to the bagage claim. Among the several little signs with names was a couple who didn't need them for me to recognize them. Waiting with a big smile there they were - Philip and Janet Yancey. So it was happening after all.

On the way home they showed me some city views, but it was late, I would see that much better on the next day.

- I don't know what you ate, but there is a bag next to you, where you can find some snacks, and a watter bottle is here - said the sweet Janet.

At some point they asked me if I drink coffee and I said no.

- I thought that you were from Brazil. - said Philip
- Yeah, I get that alot.

We arrived at their house - a stunning vision, even at night.

- We will treat you as family, the front door is locked, let's get in by the garage. - said she.

Well, the fact that I was in their house was itself so fantastic that I could sleep on the living room couch and would be unforgetable days anyway, but no, I had a whole level just for me.

A part of Philip's library, with his books translated in different languages. And there were my old fellows, the Portuguese books.

My room had bathroom, a closet with warm clothes, tv, water and more snacks. The doorway was just like those princesses movies, with two doors and everything. My heart was still beating fast but I needed to sleep, on the next day the adventure would actually begins.

Friday, December 13th

I woke up, got ready for the day and went downstairs. There he was, taking a coffee on the living room.

- Good morning, Dani! (They actually call me "Doni", not "Deni", as most of my american friends)

So I am at Philip Yancey's house, the author of my favorite books. Ok, calm down! Look at this view! I would write a whole entire book just to talk about this view!

- Do you want tea? Hot chocolate?
- Do you have juice?
- Yes, berries or apple?
- Apple, please.

Yep, Philip is serving me juice!

Janet came just after that and also said good morning. He went to get ready and she saw me looking at their pictures and told me about her sisters.

- We will take breakfast in one of our favorite restaurants, they are a traditional Colorado's place.

We went for breakfast and they were talking about the landscape with me, I was remaining in silence. I was really trying to say something, but everything that they were saying impressed me by their generosity and the views would make even the most extrovert of all mute.

- And here is where I go sometimes when I want a quiet time to write.
- No wonder why, it's beautiful!
- I know!

At the restaurant I was introduced as a friend from Brazil and Philip described the menu to me.

- He loves mashed potatoes!
- Yes, I do

I know his favorite food now!

On the prayer before we eat, he thanked God for my life and my safe flight.

We talked a bit about my life here in the US, my English, among other things. I was trying to answer with more words and ask questions, but I was still shocked to have breakfast with them - the author and the character of my favorite books.

The pancake that I order could feed easily five people. My stomach was not fine, maybe because of the altitude, so I ate probably only one third of it.

- Can I taste?
- Sure!

haha, Philip Yancey eating from my plate.

The waitress later asked me if I wanted a box and I knew that I wouldn't eat, so I said no.

- Since you are not getting any boxes, I'm going to get another piece, it is really good!

There was this baby there. When was the time to leave they both talked to the mom and the baby.

- You are going to have a funny hair just like mine when you grow up.

Then we went back home to get a few things for the rest of the day.

Philip was downstairs at his office.

- Hey, Philip, are you downstairs?
- Yes;
- Can Dani come over there and you show her your office?
- Sure!

When I got there he told me that there was where he worked and showed me everything.

When you get there, at your left there is a dictionary, I think, with a big magnifying glasses, on the other side is his table and computer, some pens and books. In the middle several bookshelves with his more than five thousand books. On the walls pictures of him interviewing famous people, beautiful landscapes.

He started talking about a picture of him interviewing president Clinton - he worked at Christianity Today at the time.

- And those are my books!
- I love books!
- Yeah, I know.

Then he showed me this landscape amazing pictures.

- We used to live here, see this little black dot? That was our house. All those picture were taken there.
- It is a beautiful place.
- Yes, it is.
- And here another president interview. What's your favorite american president?
If I tell that is Roosevelt because of "Night on the museum" would be weird, and I could say Obama because of the immigration laws, but most american don't like them.
- I...don't know.
- Hehe, it's ok. Well, here is where I work, did you like it?
- It's amazing!
- Let's go meet Janet upstairs?
- Aham.

We sat on the couch in front of the fireplace in silent.

I didn't talk that much today or yesterday. I should say something. I'm at Philip Yancey's house, sitting next to Philip Yancey and not saying anything. Think, think, think!

- So, Dani, how is your writing going?

Ok, maybe the silence was not that bad. How can I possibly talk that I'm writing a book about grace to the person who inspired me to do that? I think I'm blushing.

- I'm writing a book about grace, actually finished half since I got here.
- Really?
[Janet got here while we were talking]
- Yep.
- And I bet you write all in the computer.
- Actually, I like the paper. I write first and then type.
- Philip, tell her about your transition to the computer!
- Well, that started a long time ago, when I was afraid that type could interfere on my writing process. You know, on the paper you know exactly where you changed something, on the computer you have no clue. Then I decided to test it and wrote one chapter by hand and another on the computer. Didn't notice any difference, so I started to type only. So, do you have any of your writing on the Facebook or somewhere I could read?
- No, just a file on my computer.
- Oh, ok.

From there we went to the Loveland Pass. Absolutely incredible view - it was the second time that the nature took out my focus of my thoughts of the euphoria to be with the Yanceys. Well, that until Janet suggested to take a picture of us in front of the sign. That person who climbed all those mountains was the one who was standing next to me in the picture.

After we went to Breckenridge to see people skiing. We got the gondola and went up. When we arrived it was really crowded, it was happening the Dew Tour. We watched a bit and then went back down to walk through the city.

First stop was at Starbucks. Hot chocolate with cream for me, coffee for both of them to share.

- I was showing Dani that picture of my sisters. We are all old people, Philip!
- Yeah...
- We didn't use to be.
- Oh, well, it happens.

We walked through the city and went to a Christmas store where we were looking for rocking horses, since Janet's sister collects them and didn't find any this year. They didn't have it. Did she know the sales girl? She talked to them like they were friends since forever.

We met Phillip in an outlet, where he was trying a pair of jeans.

- They didn't look good. Maybe if I was twenty.

Then we went to a clothes store, the owners were their friends. They donate a good amount of the profits to social programs. She also showed me this brand of shoes which donate one pair of shoes for each one bought.

At the entrance, though, a funny looking coat captured our attention. It was red with white polkadots.

- Do you want one, Philip?
- No, thank you.

Then Janet and the sales lady were talking about how it would look good if was a ladies coat.

We went back to the car, where Janet started to make some phone calls to her sisters. She had said the day before that cellphones usually don't work really well in their house and that she wasn't really good with texts.

- I think you should text her.
- I'm not good with texts, Philip.

I was sitting on the front seat like the whole day. Janet had suggested that so I could have a better view, when she said:

- I'm sorry, I just need a few more calls before I stop bothering you.
- If you text, that wouldn't happen.
I couldn't hold myself and laugh.
- He is not gonna let this go, will he, Dani?
- I don't think so.

Before we got home we stopped in a grocery store to buy icecream for the pecan pie that she made for dessert. When we got home Janet went to finish the dinner. I offered help, but she said that she would like me to take a rest. So I went talk to my friends, Philip went to take a nap.

After a while she asked me to come down to have dinner. This time she prayed and again thanked God for my visit and for the day. During dinner we talked about my family and once we finished I showed some pictures of them in my phone. For desserts, pie and ice cream. Philip and I sat on the couch while Janet was checking something on her Ipad.

- And the good thing is that now I have time to write and nobody asking me to leave my room. And I can write at night without anybody getting worried.
- So you write at night? I'm better in the morning.
I know that time that he prefers to write!
- Yeah, I'm better at night.

He told me that wanted to show me something on Facebook, and Janet joined us after a while. His profile was blocked though. After we unlocked I helped him with some things.

- Look at you! Congratulations! ...
- Thank you!
- ...for being young...
- hahaha, ok.

He read with me a message that a brazilian girl sent it to him, we discussed the brazilian church situation for a while.

It was getting late and he thanked me for the help on Facebook and for show the pictures of my family to them and said good night. Janet did the same.

It was kind off impossible go to bed after a day like that. I took a bath - with bubles, to remember Friends, which is not related to anything that I said, but I wanted to mention anyway - turned on the computer which was not working the whole day (Philip borrowed me the adaptor for the plug and I figured out that the battery was the problem), I transfered the camera photos to the computer and then to the phone, posted the picture with him at Loveland pass on Instagram and at the end I was actually tired so I decided to try to sleep.

It was a fantastic day, but it was just the first.

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